Frequently Asked Questions

What is the offerpod?

The offerpod is the first touch screen platform that provides convenient access to real time free offers in your favourite retail outlet.
You can also easily access all offers here on the website or on your mobile and redeem your voucher in-store on your next visit.

Hold on a second, did you say free Offers?

Yep, most of our offers are completely free to use.

Do I need an account to use the offerpod?

You have to sign up to use the offerpod online or on your smartphone. However you can use the physical offerpod touch screen in your shopping centre without signing up.

Why do I have to sign up?

By signing up you get access to all the benefits of the offerpod and also the ability to save and download offers to your wallet ready to redeem on your next shopping trip.

Why sign in with Facebook?

Signing up with facebook speeds up the process and also helps you easier connect and share offers with friends and family.

Do I need a smartphone to use my offers?

No. You can use the physical offerpod touch screen in your shopping outlet to access and print offers instantly. You can also use a computer, smartphone or other mobile device such as an iPad or tablet.

How do I use a QR Code?

QR codes allow you to scan a voucher to your phone. All you need to do is to download a QR code reader if not already installed on your phone and scan the QR code. Your offer then appears on your phone ready to be redeemed. We recommend that you save the offer to “Wallet” to make sure it’s kept save.

What is "My Wallet" and how do I use it?

My Wallet is your account where you can convieniently save your offers ready to be redeemed. If you take up an offer using QR codes you securley save the offer to your wallet to keep it safe until you redeem in store. You can also update your account details in this section, keep track on your selected offers or unsubscribe.

How can I redeem an offer?

To claim your offers you simply need to present your voucher on purchase to the cashier, who will scan the barcode and complete the transaction.

Ways to redeem:
  1. You can present a print out from the physical offerpod or from printing at home
  2. You can scan the QR code and present the voucher to the cashier in the shop
  3. You can present your smartphone and redeem vouchers in your wallet from your account

Make sure the offer is valid and that you’ve read the Terms and Conditions.

When can I use my gift?

Immediately! You can start shopping as soon as the offer is delivered to your offerpod account.

How long is my offer valid?

It varies. The expiration date is always displayed on your offer.

What happens when my offer expires?

An expired offer is no longer valid. It is automatically removed from your wallet.

How do I share an offer through Facebook?

When you see a gift that you want to recommend to friends and family, you can easily click on the share button under the gift to share it on facebook.


How can I get my business on the offerpod?

If you are interested in partnering with the offerpod please fill out the form at to get more information.

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